Rum Barrel

The best (tiki) cocktailbar in Amsterdam

We are two cousins who traveled all over the world. Eric traveled a lot in the Carribean. While Paul lived and worked as a Executive Sous Chef in Dubai at Trader Vic's. There is were they discovered our love for cocktails.

With all the knowledge we have gained, our own cocktail bar has started. 

Check out our cocktails and taste it for your self

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Cocktails Rum Barrel
Mojito 8,50
Havan 3 yrs, lime juice, simple syrup, soda water & mint

-Sweet, sour & refreshing

El Nacional 9,50
Havana 3 yrs, apricot brandy, pineapple juice, lime juice & simple syrup

-Sweet, dry & slightly spiced

Royal bermuda Yacht Club 11,00
Doorly’s XO, falernum, dry curacao & lime juice

-Sour, dry & slightly spiced

Classic Daiquiri 9,50
Botran Blanco, lime juice & simple syrup

-Sweet, sour & refreshing

Spicy Mulata 11,00
Plantation Grande Reserve, dark chocolate liqueur, lime juice, simple syrup, absinth & madame jeanette

-Sweet, sour & spicy

Seasonal Daiquiri 12,00
Havana 3yrs infused with mango & cinnamon, apricot brandy, lime juice & simple syrup

- Sweet, sour & fruity

Rosemary Daiquiri 13,00
Ron de Barrilito Esecial infused with rosemary, lime juice & rosemary syrup
-Sweet, sour & herbal

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Hurrican 11,50 
El dorado 8 yrs, passion fruit syrup, lemon juice & orange juice

-Refreshing, sour & dry 

Bahama Mama 11,50
Plantation 3 stars, koko kanu coconut rum, pineapple juice, orange juice, lime juice & grenadine 
 -Sweet, refreshing & exotic


Carribbean Negroni 11,50
Wray & Nephew overproof, Campari, Dolin Rouge vermouth & falermum

-Strong, bitter & Sweet

Smoking gun 12,00
Nuestra Soledad Ejultla mezcal, Chartreuse Verte, lime juice, simple syrup, red bell pepper & Tiki bitters

-Smokey, herbal & refreshing

Tika Margarita 11,00
Don Julio Repsado tequila, falermum, orange liqueur, lime juice & agave syrup

-Refreshing sour & slightly spiced

Pack a Punch 12,50
Appleton V/X, Campari, lime juice, pineapple juice, simple syrup, nutmeg & angostura bitters

-Sour, dry & just a tad bitter

Tika Puka Puka (XL € 19,50) 12,00
Exotic blend of 3 rums, home-made Puka Puka syrup, orange juice, lime juice & grenadine

-Sweet, herbal & exotic

Mai Tai 12,50
Appleton 12 yrs, Trois Rivieres, dry curacao, lime juice, home-made orgeat & Angostura bitters
-Sour, dry & strong

Scorpion (Volcano Bowl € 27,50) 11,00 
English Harbour 5 yrs, pear brandy, orange juice, lime juice & home-made orgeat

-Fragrant, dry & strong

Singapore Symphonie 13,00
Tanqueray gin, Smith & Cross, D.O.M. Benedictine, Cherry Heering, lime juice, pineapple juice, passion fruit syrup & orange bitters

-Dry, fruity & strong

Zombie (Only one per person) 21,50
Zombie mix (4 shots of rum), falermum, lime juice, grapefruit juice, cinnamon syrup, grenadine, Angostura bitters & absinth
- Sour, dry & extremely strong


Guatemala’s Old Fashioned 13,50
Zacapa 23 yrs, Pedro Ximenez, home-made orange marmalade, chocolate bitters & orange bitters

-Sweet, bitter & fruity

Espresso Colada 11,50
Pineapple rum, Tia Maria, shot espresso, roasted cocnut syrup & Femet Branca

-Sweet, bitter & Creamy

Spicy Watermelon Punch 12,50
Mount gay black Barrel infused with red chilli pepper, fresh watermelon juice, lime juice & coconut syrup

-Spicy exotic & refreshing

Benedict Bermuda 11,50
Gosling’s Black Seal, lime juice, pineapple shrub, cinnamon syrup & egg white

-Sweet, sour, & creamy

Ginger Pisco Sour 11,50
Pisco Italia, King’s ginger liqueur, lime juice, simple syrup, egg white & Angostrua bitters

-Intens, dry & refreshing

Smoking Honey Sour 12,50

Talisker Skye whisky, Chartreuse Jeane, lemon juice, honey syrup & egg white

-Smokey, herbal & dry

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Hot Drinks

Royal Navy Grog 11,50 
Pampero aniversario, Primento Dram, cinnamon syrup, Puka Puka syrup, Burdock bitters & hot water

-Sweet, herbal & smooth

Warm White Russian 10,00
Ketel One Vodka, Kahlua, foamed milk & grated nutmeg
-Sweet & silky


Make a reservation by calling +31 (0) 638 38 20 52   

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Finally, after hearing so much about it, I visited this bar once.
Eventually we decided to both order the 2 cocktails, so that we could taste each other and they were delicious. This will undoubtedly become my new favorite spot.

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