"Drinkin’ Rum before 10:00AM makes you a pirate, not an alcoholic"


How it al started

Rum Barrel was born when two cousins decided to come together and create a bar that would be filled with the things they love; great food, exciting drinks and an easy going vibe. A place packed with all the things they picked up from their worldly travels as they both really enjoy to travel and always willing to share their stories with their guests. They created a place where customers get the service how they would want to be treated. They opened the doors and offered a piece of tropical paradise in Amsterdam Oost.

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Rum Barrel, Erik's passion for Rum

At the Rum Barrel there are more than 200 kinds of Rum which guests can explore and discover their new favorites.  Erik is the man to talk to about Rum when coming to the Rum Barrel. While he traveled to exotic lands he developed a passion for the rum. When he returned in order to go on his next trip he improved his cocktail skills and went on his journey again to find more tropical paradise and rum. Erik is a very social man, casual and enjoys being out and about in the busy city of Amsterdam.  

There's more than only Rum, meet Paul

A man cannot go on drinking without food and that’s why the bar offers an excellent array of sharing dishes to enjoy with your party. All the dishes are created by Paul who lived abroad for more than a decade in places such as the USA, Dubai and Kazakhstan. From there he brought his best recipes to his Rum Barrel. Paul used to work as Executive Chef for Ruth’s Chris Steak House and Trader Vic’s. At Trader Vic’s Paul fell in love with the Polynesian/ Tiki culture and the world cuisine they offer. Paul is an easy going guy who loves to share his culinary passion and does not hide the fact that he is a family man. He likes to have fun and simply wants the guests to enjoy everything that the Rum Barrel has to offer.

Rum Barrel is filled with things that are not traditional Dutch; instead it makes you feel like you are on vacation again!